Official List (October 2016)

ca-ni-logo_blk_n_white_sml1 Consular Corps/Association of Northern Ireland CA-NI) serves Diplomatic, Consular and International Organisation officials (Career and Honorary), accredited by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office(FCO), based in Northern Ireland.

Officials are either members of a country's foreign civil service or local residents appointed by their foreign government. They are appointed to further the interests of the country or organisation they represent through commercial, educational, academic, sport and cultural activities. They provide formal representation and endeavour to assist and protect the interests of their Nationals.

All activity is conducted within the framework of either:
• Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (VCDR)
• Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (VCCR)
• Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties between States and International Organizations or between International Organizations / International Organisations Act.

The objectives of CA-NI are to deal with matters affecting the Diplomatic, Consular and International Organisations of the network in Northern Ireland; to provide means and opportunities for the mutual acquaintance, friendship and social intercourse between all members; and to enable them (inter alias) to provide a platform for effective communication with each other and the host administration.

• President: Lord Diljit Rana MBE – Hon. Consul for Namibia to Northern Ireland
• Vice President: Mdm Regine McCullough – Hon. Consul for France to Northern Ireland
• Secretariat: Dr Christopher Stange – Hon. Consul for St. Vincent and the Grenadines to Northern Ireland
• Treasurer: Mr Nick Lestas – Hon. Consul for Cyprus to Northern Ireland

Belgium Belgium Hon. Consul
Brazil Brazil Hon. Consul
Canada Canada Hon. Consul
Chile Chile Hon. Consul
China China Consul General
Cyprus Cyprus Hon. Consul
Czech Republic Hon. Consul
Denmark Denmark Hon. Consul
Estonia Estonia Hon. Consul
European Commission European Commission Head Of Office
France Finland Hon. Consul
France France Hon. Consul
Germany Germany Hon. Consul
Greece Greece Hon. Consul
Greece Guatemala Hon. Consul
Hungary Hungary Hon. Consul
Iceland Iceland Hon. Consul
India India Hon. Consul
Italy Italy Hon. Consul
Latvia Latvia Hon. Consul
Lithuania Lithuania Hon. Consul
Malta Malta Hon. Consul 
Mauritius Mauritius Hon. Consul
Mexico Mexico Hon. Consul
Mongolia Mongolia Hon. Consul
Netherlands Namibia Hon. Consul
Netherlands Netherlands Hon. Consul
New Zealand New Zealand Hon. Consul
Norway Norway Hon. Consul
Poland Poland Hon. Consul
Portugal Portugal Hon. Consul
Romania Romania Hon. Consul
Russian Federation Russian Federation Hon. Consul
Slovak Republic Slovak Republic Hon. Consul
Slovenia Slovenia Hon. Consul
Spain Spain Hon. Consul
St Vincent & The Grenadines St Vincent & The Grenadines Hon. Consul
Sweden Sweden Hon. Consul
Switzerland Switzerland Hon. Consul
Turkey Turkey Hon. Consul
United States of America United States of America Consul General

Consular Corps/Association of Northern Ireland (CA-NI) | Email: secretariat@ca-ni.org